Improved Response Times

FireTEXT will allow you and your department to respond faster to emergency calls. This means you will save more property, more life.


We Understand Your Needs

FireTEXT was created BY Firefighters FOR Firefighters and other emergency personnel. We know the importance of dependable communication in a crisis.


Excellent Backup Solution

FireTEXT is LOADED with options, making us the perfect backup communications system for your city, county, or department. We’re there when it counts the most!

Our Products

Mobile Application
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Our company was formed in 2006 by Bo Hickey. Bo was an ICOM dealer for five years in the northeast region Arkansas region, with over 30 years combined experience in public safety vehicle equipment. We have grown to include three additional employees, with over 300 customers. We have now evolved into one of the areas largest distributors in Arkansas.
Now offering service in vehicle equipment to include installation of consoles, light bars, dash lights, deck lights, grille lights, and siren system. Also offering computer services to include maintenance and troubleshooting, repair, and new builds. Offering network services, sales and leasing, web hosting and designing. Now offering ID Cards for your Police, Fire, EMS, or other organization.
FireTEXT is a web based program, designed and distributed by Custom Communications LLC, that sends a text message to emergency responders cell phones notifying them of emergencies. These messages are sent from a computer or smartphone using a SUPER easy and VERY convenient web site. You will receive a message from dispatch advising of the location and type of call. Direct messages from dispatch that contains detail information may not be available in all areas.

Why Choose Us

      • Quick and convenient Localization Support
      • Improved Response Times
      • 24 Hour Technical Support
      • Created by Firefighters
      • Excellent Backup Solution